Frontline Managers Programme QQI Level6

Participate in a focused programme that develops the key skills for effective management.
Each workshop incorporates practical approaches based on best practices. Participants will
work through case studies and simulation exercises to understand how their approaches and
responses impact on outcomes. As participants progress through the programme they will
determine the best approaches for managing people, developing objectives and addressing
issues as they arise.

As a result of this programme participants will:
• Understand the key role and responsibilities of effective management
• Demonstrate enhanced capability to motivate and manage individuals and teams
• Determine practical approaches to engage employees and drive team performance
• Structure conversations with employees to address performance issues and agree
new behaviours, including giving feedback and having the difficult conversation
• Demonstrate improved skills in effective communication
• Understand how to manage individuals through change resulting in increased cooperation
and support
• Demonstrate greater understanding of the impact of personal behaviours and
identify those best suited to different challenges and requirements
• Manage themselves effectively to reduce stress and increase their positive impact.
This programme is designed for those who have:
• Assumed a management role
• Experience in the role and would benefit from a stronger understanding of best
practices in management and how to successfully apply them, consistently.
This programme is delivered over 6 workshops from 9:30am – 4:30pm. Each workshop is
highly interactive using group discussions, individual reflection and group exercises to explore
issues and develop identified management skills, for immediate application.
This programme is QQI accredited and participants can earn a Level 6 component certificate
in Managing People. Learners who have successfully completed a programme leading to an
award at Level 5 on the NFQ (or equivalent) OR can demonstrate the levels of knowledge,
skill and competence associated with this level are eligible to apply for entry to this

To reserve a place or for further information please contact